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Flexbox CSS Part (1) – display, flex-direction, justify-content

  • The flexible box makes it easier to design flexible responsive layout structure without using float or positioning.
  • The parent container should take flex display property, display:flex.
  • flex-direction: to define the stack of the flex items.
  • flext direction could be: row, row-reverse, column, column-reverse.
    1. Row: the default (LTR).
    2. Row-reverse: (RTL).
    3. column: Top to bottom (TTB).
    4. column-reverse: (BTT).

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Basic Use for FontAwsome V5

Basic Use for FontAwsome V5

  •  Download the free version.
  • Grab & move the CSS file ontawesome-all.css- and web fonts folder into your project
  • Reference the CSS in the head tag
  • Search for the icon, get its class and int it in your code.


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CSS Class and ID Simple Exercise with Solution


Using external CSS style sheet, create the following design:

  • Main Div as a container for all the following elements. Use #EEE as a background color: It contains:
  • First Div:
  • Add an id for the div.
  • Use an rgba background color. Green value is 9, red is 3, blue is 33, and the alpha value is 0.9.
  • Insert your full name using heading one.
  • Center your name.
  • Use “Comic Sans MS” font.
  • Use 30 pixels font size.
  • Use ff5722 hex value as a color for the heading.
  • Second Div:

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