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  • Create add to cart procedure and user-defined function.
  • Create the addToCart button click function

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ASP.Net (14) – FileUpload: Images only & Save them using the current date and time

Before, I recommend you to review “ASP.Net (11) – View and Update Images in the GridView, and Save them in img folder”

In the following video:

  • FileUpload control accepts only images.
  • Add the current date and time (uploading date & time) to the image name to avoid file overwrite.

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ASP.Net Part(6) – ViewProducts Using Repeater Control

ASP.Net – Part(6) – ViewProducts Using Repeater

  • Create the repeater ans select the datasource.
  • Create the repeater template tags: header, item, footer.
  • View Products using Repeater.
  • Simple style for the products in the repeater.


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CSS Class and ID Simple Exercise with Solution


Using external CSS style sheet, create the following design:

  • Main Div as a container for all the following elements. Use #EEE as a background color: It contains:
  • First Div:
  • Add an id for the div.
  • Use an rgba background color. Green value is 9, red is 3, blue is 33, and the alpha value is 0.9.
  • Insert your full name using heading one.
  • Center your name.
  • Use “Comic Sans MS” font.
  • Use 30 pixels font size.
  • Use ff5722 hex value as a color for the heading.
  • Second Div:

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(5) AngularJS Expressions (ng-bind)

  • AngularJS expressions can also be written inside a directive: ng-bind=”expression”.
  • In the following example, the user will enter the first name and last name in two separated input fields. A paragraph will be generated that contain: Your name is “firstName” “lastName”.
  • Try to do the same function using {{expression}} format.


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(4) AngularJs Expressions {{Expression}}

  • AngularJS binds data to HTML using Expressions.
  • AngularJS expressions can be written inside double braces: {{ expression }}.
  • AngularJS solve the expression, and return the result.
  • AngularJS expressions can contain literals, operators, and variables like JavaScript expressions.
  • If you remove the ng-app directive, HTML will display the expression as it is, without solving it.
  • Look at the following code, and review the used expressions.
  • Note: Notice that ng-app is written inside the html tag, as we use more than one div. Try to write it in anther tag, such as in the first div only.
AngularJs Expressions

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